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“Investing in the next generation is key to ensuring the future of our district. The Promise Lab will transform students to unleash their highest potential and protect the heart and soul of our district through opportunities for students to learn and apply essential life skills needed for success.”


— State Representative Vanessa Caston LaFleur

+ About Us

What is The Promise Lab

LaFleur is proud to announce The Promise Lab, a pilot cohort program for 9th-12th grade high school students living in District 101. The Promise Lab is a transformative opportunity focused on building critical life, academic, and cultural skills, in partnership with Dr. James Gilmore from the Institute of Human Development. During its pilot run, The Promise Lab will be held at Belaire High School, a public high school in District 101.

The data is clear — academic success is not the only indicator of future life success. Skills such as cultural intelligence, professionalism, communication, financial literacy, critical thinking, and civic engagement are also needed for the future workforce. The Promise Lab is designed to build up students to be not only academically prepared, but also prepared with critical skills needed in business, education, industry, and more.

With these aspects in mind,

The Promise Lab will focus on these three tenets:


Students to unleash their highest potential


The Heart, Soul, and Future of District 101


& apply essential life skills for success

The Promise Lab’s programming is led by its Guiding Principles:

      • Authenticity and Being Present
      • Engagement and Purposeful Participation
      • Academic Excellence
      • Intergenerational Connections
      • Volunteerism and Service
      • Local Action and Global Impact
      • Professionalism and Social Skills


The pilot program of The Promise Lab will take place over the course of three to six months.

Programming includes:

      • Critical thinking and finding solutions
      • Communication and collaboration
      • Interpersonal relationship skills and character and leadership development
      • Academic excellence and higher education aspirations
      • Civic and community responsibility and engagement 
      • Cultural Intelligence, social skills, and professionalism
      • Financial literacy

Louisiana’s K-12 population is one of the most diverse in the country. Given the challenges of significant educational, health, and economic disparities between white students and multicultural students, we must ensure all students are prepared to reach their fullest potential after graduation.